Individual Sessions (1-2-1)

Progressive Football Development is an organisation founded by various Uefa Qualified and experienced coaches in Scotland. One of our branches of the business is we?offer Private and player specific development sessions for players (age 4-16) that want to further improve and develop their techniques in receiving the ball, speed, movement, their general balance and co-ordination and the way in which they pass the ball with a creative dimension.?

All the following sessions are modern, innovative, exciting, providing an intense and focused coaching and training session that you cannot get within a large group session. Private and specific coaching for players is the most important format of developing and enhancing a players technique and is without question the best way to asses, solve and correct problems in a young players game.

1 to 1 coaching and development -?The private lessons have become very popular with young players. The 1 to 1 session provides the player with the opportunity of touching the ball between 400 -500 times per session. The 1 to 1 sessions focus on receiving the ball, passing the ball in a wide range of creative ways and being able to make intelligent passes over short distances.

1 to 2 coaching and development -?These sessions have 2 players working with 1 coach and are excellent as the players have 300 touches per session per player and work on technical drills that are used at premier league youth academies. The sessions are modern and challenging and most players that work in the 2 to 1 environment have never seen or performed some of the sessions.

Player specific sessions -?If your son or daughter is a defender, a midfield player, a wide player, a striker then the player specific sessions are fantastic for working on parts of a players game that need specific attention to detail unlike the 1 to 1 session which has a special format for technical play with the football the player specific sessions are fantastic for defenders who want to work on their heading skills, strikers who want to work on their shooting skills and right backs who want to work on their left foot.

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