School Services

At Sports Pathway Coaching, we are proud of our history of supporting schools with a diverse range of sporting activities that children thoroughly enjoy. As dedicated, fully-qualified school sports coaches, we are best placed to provide schools with a structured sports programme that can be implemented within the National Curriculum to suit the school's requirements.

We appreciate how important supporting schools in sports provision is, in this day and age, especially with the government placing primary school sports premium high up its agenda. Crucially, we aim to ensure that our sports programmes are enjoyable and delivered in a safe and secure environment. But we also tailor syllabuses to ensure children learn a wide range of skills. As well as improving fitness and promoting good health, regular sports activities that children enjoy can boost self-esteem, confidence and social skills, as well as helping them to set and achieve goals and giving them a sense of satisfaction.

Our schools sports provision is tailored to suit a school's needs. We can offer dedicated year-round cover for planning, preparation and assessment (PPA) within schools by offering an exciting and varied sports programme. Activities include athletics, gymnastics, netball and dance, for instance. As part of the cover, school sports coaches provide detailed lesson plans and carry out child assessments, so teachers can get on with their PPA time in the safe knowledge that children are getting the best sports tuition and guidance possible.

At Sports Pathway Coaching, we also have extensive experience of supporting schools in sports provision during lunchtimes and as extra-curricular clubs, either before school or after school. Our stimulating range of sports activities caters for different ages and abilities, and we work in small groups so children feel supported and confident. Research has shown that such sessions during the day can promote improved concentration and learning when the child returns to the classroom.

We recognise that it is not always the children who want to benefit from our professional sporting guidance, so at Sports Pathway Coaching we also offer continued professional development (CPD) to teachers, teaching staff, volunteers and coaches. Our expertise, imparted through training courses, co-coaching and mentoring, ensures that schools can benefit from our skills and implement the sports curriculum in an effective manner.

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